Keyholding services are where a set of your keys are securely held by the security company. In the event of an alarm response being issued, trained security officers will visit your premises to check it over for signs of forced entry or damage. Any criminal offences will be reported to the police and other necessary arrangements made to fix any problems. Once secured your alarm will be reset and the premises secured using the key set held by the security company.

This sort of service is a simple one. The benefits of keyholding are that it offers peace of mind to business owner, it helps ensure the safety of staff and removes the need for them to monitor the security of the business 24/7, it leaves this task to the experts who are trained to deal with many types of situations. AK9 Security Services will offer you peace of mind and a quick response to alarm calls leaving you the business owner to concentrate on running and developing your business.

The Problem:

Key Holders attending premises out of hours are exposed to risks of violence and robbery and it is important not to compromise members of staff that may be called out to the premises on false pretences only to be threatened and forced to unlock and allow alarms to be deactivated. Whether you’re in need of a local response to alarms, security personnel to secure your premises at short notice, or regular visits around the clock AK9 Security Services can help.

This enables the customer to display a proactive approach towards employee safety and ensures that they remain compliant with Health and Safety regulations, Duty of Care obligations and Lone Working Guidelines. With AK9 Security Services you are always guaranteed an effective response from our highly trained team of security personnel, providing you with the knowledge and peace of mind that your property is totally secure, and most importantly, that your employees are safe.

AK9 Security Services can provide Keyholding & Alarm Response services to both commercial and residential customers. We also have a 24hr control room, enabling us to provide a rapid response to your premises at any time, we can carry out mobile patrols to your requirements also.

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All of our Event Officers undergo training in:

  • First aid
  • Drugs awareness
  • Conflict management skills
  • Physical Intervention Skills
  • Have a good knowledge of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
  • Recognition of firearms and explosives
  • Customer services


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