Our mobile drug detection dog units are an effective measure against narcotics and it’s illegal distribution.

Drugs can and do come in various forms and can only be positively identified when subjected to chemical analysis.

However, no piece of equipment can match a dogs nose so you can be rest assured of a safe, drugs-free environment.

Dogs will continue to play an important role in search. They can be used in a variety of situations and are highly adaptive.

Our Dogs will play an important role searching in two ways


  • Operated on lead under full control of handler at all times
  • Ideal for the searching of civilians
  • The dog is trained to search in a passive manner (non-intrusive)
  • The dogs are training having minimum contact with the persons as they screen them


  • Operated off-leash where safety permits
  • Under full control of handler at all times
  • This method is ideal for covering large areas in a short time
  • The dog is trained to search in a pro-active manner (intrusive).
  • Allows the dog to search spaces where drugs might be concealed or used

AK9 multi purpose drug detection dog teams can help identify and eliminate the problem.

The dogs can be used to search

  • High profile events
  • Exterior and interior of commercial or residential buildings
  • Parking lots
  • Vehicle searches
  • Roll on roll off ferry terminals
  • Passenger screening
  • Staff profiling
  • Containers
  • Airline baggage/freight hold areas
  • Nightclubs

All of our Narcotic Search Dog Handlers undergo the following training:

  • Level 3 certification in drug detection dog handling
  • First aid
  • Drugs awareness
  • Conflict management skills
  • Physical Intervention Skills
  • Have a good knowledge of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
  • Recognition of firearms and explosives
  • Customer services

All our multi purpose drug detection dog teams are also kept up to date with continuation training and scent recognition.

  • All dog teams are also trained in veterinary first aid and safety
  • AK9 EDD teams can be deployed nationally and internationally


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