All AK9 Security Officers are trained in hand to hand combat and a good understanding of the law, in the regards of use of force, Human Rights Act, Children’s legislation, Health and safety, risk of death or injury including positional asph…yxia, effects of drugs and alcohol, edged weapon awareness, non harmful methods of control – escorting and holding techniques, more restrictive holds and distraction techniques – wrist locks, knee/shin strikes, chest strikes, breakaway and disengagement techniques and dynamic scenario training.

All AK9 Security Officers have the verbal skills needed to handle aggressive, violent and inappropriate behavior. Our verbal training prepares staff to use the power of the relationship to de-escalate the tension level of someone in crisis and avoid physical intervention whenever possible.

  • They learn how tension contributes to inappropriate behavior.
  • How to identify responses and behaviors that indicate tension levels are rising and could lead to a crisis;
  • Understand how to use verbal and nonverbal techniques to de-escalate tension and manage behavior before it becomes a crisis or violent;
  • Team responses in a verbal crisis situation; With levels of intervention from lowest to most intrusive.
  • We train all our officers in the recognition of threats and prohibited items, including: firearms, explosive devices, dangerous goods, improvised weapons and narcotics


Typical concealment methods

  • X-ray equipment familiarisation
  • X-ray image interpretation
  • Hold Baggage screening
  • Threat Image Projection
  • Walkthrough detector screening
  • Hand Held metal detector screening
  • Body scanners and explosive trace detectors