Today, more than ever, the need for a secure environment has become a high priority whether it be our homes or business. Our protection dogs bring not only a comforting sense of security to your homes or business but also the companionship of a beloved pet. We train our dogs in real life settings to prepare them to be protection dogs in the real world. Our protection dogs have excellent pedigree’s but not only selected for their paperwork but their ability to show aggression on your command or in the face of a direct threat but yet gentle in a family environment.

AK9 Protection Dogs have rock solid temperaments, are not easily agitated and are watchers. Watchers always have an eye on the handler and situation and they have the temperament and socialisation to determine when the threat level is real. These dogs are trustworthy in a family setting or anywhere else, but they can be counted on to protect if the situation arose.

Continuation Training

dog training

There has never been a greater demand for the right calibre of canine than at present; we assess all of our canines on two key areas:

  • What the dog has inherited by way of its breed (nature)
  • What the dog has learnt by way of its environment and training (nurture)

Selecting the right dog with the right balance of desired and essential attributes will pay untold dividends over the months and years ahead. The consequences of a misinformed or incorrect selection of canine can be disastrous both for the dog and also the handler resulting in constant monitoring and training which may ultimately be ineffective.

First of all we need to look at:

  1. The Right breed
  2. Solid temperament and character: not anxious, fearful, insecure or overly aggressive
  3. Appropriate Socialisation
  4. Ongoing Continuation Training

All of the above combined will make a good protection dog.

Ongoing continuation training is always important so that your dog is given rules boundaries and instruction. Most protection breeds need clear leadership in the family, or they will have a tendency to become the leader themselves which can lead to a range of problems from becoming over protective to displays of aggression. Utilising the behavioural traits of working breeds whilst they are young makes the training so much more effective.

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