AK9 security dogs are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden persons by scent, sight or sound, they are trained to protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression, when confronted with threatening behaviour and are able to detain a suspect until the authorities arrive to deal with the situation.

The combination of a security officer and security dog are the ideal choice and extremely effective.



The teams can be used to protect:

  • Huge open areas such as golf courses, schools, recreation areas, parks etc
  • Areas with restricted line of site such as large construction projects, warehouses and transport yards.
  • For areas too dangerous for security guards alone, gang related problems, underground parking, shopping centres or high crime areas.
  • Can also be used for persons and property under threat.


All of our GP Security Dog Handlers undergo training in:

  • Level 2/3 general purpose security dog handling
  • First aid
  • Drugs Awareness
  • Conflict Management Skills
  • Physical Intervention Skills
  • Good knowledge of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
  • Recognition of firearms and explosives
  • Customer Services


  • Trained in Veterinary First Aid
  • Can be deployed nationally and internationally


All our canine officers are subjected to rigorous continuation training, keeping handler and canine in top form.

An AK9 security officer with a highly trained security dog makes an unbeatable combination.

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