german sheperdAt AK9 Security Services our research and industry analysis has helped us to determine where the industry is currently at and, where it is heading. Sadly, the quality of the officer in post has diminished tremendously. Vulnerable to minimum wages, teenagers and senior citizens are placed in high visibility positions and you, the client suffer as a result. In addition to this there are also severe consequences for the inexperienced officer involved.

Police departments are understaffed, facing funding cuts and overworked. With few exceptions, security companies have been providing a sub-standard service in place of local policing. Some organisations have even resorted to operating without suitable licensing, liability insurance, and with inexperienced personnel. Never before has the cliché, ‘you get what you pay for’ been more valid.

At AK9 Security Services we develop our officers by providing professional training, therefore offering quality personnel. Our goal is to enhance and protect your business. This is the foundation of our company – quality people, receiving quality training and support, providing a quality service.

AK9 Security Services has dedicated itself to excellence in the security field. Every effort has been put towards building a successful company where individuals are rewarded for their success and businesses commend us on our quality of service, experience and performance.

We do not promise to be the cheapest service provider, however, we do promise to earn your trust and confidence, providing and delivery a premium service at a reasonable cost. We encourage all potential and existing customers to share their concerns and problem areas affecting the safety and security of their businesses. AK9 is committed to evaluating existing provisions and providing sound solutions for a professional and reliable service, based upon your individual business needs.

We provide:

Door supervisors

Our aim is to promote a comfortable, pleasant and safe welcoming atmosphere for your venue.


Retail Security Officers

Our retail security officers are a visible deterrent for offenders at shopping outlets keeping your premises, stock, customers and staff safe and secure.


Static Security Officers

An AK9 static security officer provides a high profile presence.


Event Security

AK9 is a recognized presence at high profile events involving celebrations, political figures and situations where there are high profile personnel.


Mobile Security

Our mobile security teams will conduct random checks on your premises through the period requested.


CCTV Operatives

Our CCTV operators are training to the highest standards and have regular on‐going assessments and refresher training to keep their skills base relevant and current.


Security Dogs

AK9 security dogs are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden persons by scent, sight or sound.


Narcotic Search Dogs

An effective measure against narcotics and it’s illegal distribution.


Explosive Detection Dogs

The most effective counter measure available today for the detection of explosives


Wedding Security

We realise the importance of wedding security for what is one of the most important days of a person’s life.


Key Holding

Any criminal offenses will be reported to the police and other necessary arrangements made to fix any problems.


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