AK9 Security Services are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service. Our company aims to set a new standard in the security industry that strives to offer a level of uncompromising quality.

Our sister service, the AK9 Training Academy delivers specialist security training to all levels of industry professionals. We offer arrange of courses for individuals within the security sector who want to add to their professional development. We also offer recognised qualifications to meet training requirements for licensing purposes.

The academy aims to provide state of the art training to all students.
Every effort is made to ensure the training content is legal and valid in terms of current accepted practices and procedures within the private security industry.

At AK9 we also train and breed our own protection dogs. Today more than ever, the need for a secure environment has become a high priority whether it be your home or business. Our protection dogs bring a comforting sense of security to your home or business premises.

At the AK9 Training Academy we promote the welfare, standards, and continuous professional development of all canines and their handlers.

We aim to achieve a new bench mark of accreditation within the security dog industry and hope you will form part of our journey towards this.

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